Saturday, August 2, 2014

Let's Play ROTK X Part 4: Captain Average Rises

Let's get ourselves a job we're more qualified for.

As a 17-year-old college student, our resume isn't exactly leaping off the page.  However, if there's one thing undergrads are fully capable of, it's throwing a damn party.  Let's join a festival!

"... you would join us."

Wait, we don't even have any responsibilities?  You're literally just paying us to attend?

Do go on.

So, we head to the farm...

And get ready to party!

Lu Meng, party scientist.

Two hundred bucks and a bump to our reputation.  This is the greatest job of all time.

Unfortunately, there aren't any parties in need of Meng's legen... dary services today.  But... look!  If we put on our Captain Average cape and tights, we can get ourselves a cool spear!  Sure, it's only +1 to our WAR stat, but when we eventually snag a better one, we can gift this to one of our friends or minions to boost our relationship.

Fear not, citizen!  Captain Average is on the case!

If you have a current request or assignment from a ruler, you can hit L2 on the world map to bring up a short synopsis of it.  Some jobs have multiple stages that require you to travel to multiple cities or track down specific people, which is when this screen truly becomes a godsend.


"Welcome.  I've been waiting.  Do you have any final words?"

Er... final words?  I don't think we're on the same page with this superhero thing, Meng.

Duel time!

No video this time.  It's not going to last long enough for one.

 "The time has come to pay for your crimes!"

"I have to face Lu Meng?  I have a feeling this is gonna hurt... "

You're goddamned right.

So, dueling!

Dueling is actually pretty similar to debating, but it tends to be a little less dependent on random chance.  As with debates, you get a certain number of cards each round.  The basic attacks come in St-, Sl-, and Sw- flavors, in both strong and light varieties.  Occasionally, you'll draw a Special attack; everyone has a chance of drawing Rush, a moderate-damage attack, and other Duel skills add more attacks.  Finally, there are the Defend cards: Evade, Guard, and Flee.  Each round, you pick a combination of three cards (or just one Special card), which are matched against your opponent's choices.

The various normal attacks have sort of a Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship.  St- attacks (Strike and Stab) beat Sl- and Sw- attacks.  Sl- attacks (Slash and Slice) beat Sw- attacks.  Sw- (Sweep and Swing) beat Evade.  Evade beats St- and Sl- attacks.  Guard just reduces the damage you take from any attack.  Flee is pretty self explanatory.

If both opponents match an attack of the same type (Slash vs. Slice, for example), both attacks are deflected and a glowing orb of darkness appears.  The next successful attack from either character will do additional damage.  If a character's attack is Evaded, they are briefly stunned and lose their next action.

Finally, depending on the difference between the opponents' WAR scores, there's a chance that the duel will be instantly resolved with a single blow.  It doesn't proc all the time, but I've even seen it happen between characters with 103 and 102 WAR.  (I was the one with 102.  I was a little annoyed.)

Anyway, let's beat this dude up and get our new spear.




Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na LU MENG!

Justice was dispensed, and the streets are safe... for now.

And we got this!  Our crime-fighting capabilities are 1.2% stronger!

Well, that was exciting.  But new spears aren't going to pay for school.  Let's knock out a few more odd jobs.

We throw another party...

We file some paperwork...

We fight some crime...

"... assistance from Liu Bei.  It appears they have already entered Xiao Pei."

We get interrupted by a messenger clone...

And finally, we have enough cash to buy another six weeks of schooling.

And just before the turn of the year, we finally hit 42 Intelligence.  Just 28 more points to go!

... Yeah, we're going to need a faster way to earn money.  Fortunately, if you don't mind dropping to 0 Fame, there are very easy ways to make coin.  Next time, we'll check some of them out.

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